We have considerable experience of producing successful custom software and hardware (electronics) projects for customers for land, sea and air use at reasonable prices. Please contact us for a no obligation evaluation of and quotation for your custom project. Just a few of the successful custom projects completed by us to date include:

Customised PC Stability software for over 30 offshore support, supply and AHTS vessels.

Customised PC Marine Electronic Chart (ARCS) navigation software for high speed ships.

Hospital Room Inspection software, using the Psion Workabout computer, with uploading of results to a database.

Building Site Inspection software, using the Psion Series 5 computer and a battery powered printer for on-site issuing of reports. Combined with custom PC software for uploading and analysis of inspection records from the Series 5 into a database.

Numerous customised versions of our Stock Control System for handheld computers.

Specialised Navigation software for sea, land and air. Including GPS, traditional and astronomical custom navigation software.

Specialised loading, Stability and performance software for merchant fleets. Including approved software and hardware and automatic cargo report producing systems.

Embedded scientific instrument control using the Psion Workabout.

Long range Radio Weather Telemetry systems for ferries, saving large sums each year by reduced tug usage and saving the Master many grey hairs!

Web based Weather harbour weather display systems for ships, ferries and all sizes of vessels, saving large sums each year by reduced tug usage and saving the Masters many grey hairs!

Fleet tracking systems using satellite communications. Automatic reporting and display of ship positions for reduced workload onboard and ashore.

Biological Survey on the Psion Workabout computer. Saving busy scientists time with automatic upload on return to the main office computer.

Harbour Container Crane "Traffic Light" control according to wind direction and speed. Giving the driver an instant indication of Safety and preventing damage to cargo containers.

Helicopter map co-ordinate conversion. Rapid map co-ordinate conversion for accurate map navigation.

Tidal control of pumps and channel lights with our Tideswitch system. Saving power and preventing pollution in remote locations.

Numerous customised versions of our Mobile Stock Control System for handheld computers

Specialised Marine surveying software on the Psion Series 3 computer. Customised questionnaire software for surveying organisations.

Custom Wind Speed and Direction Displays for offices. Large displays giving a clear and accurate display of the wind for extra safety in weather critical operations.

Custom Weather Stations and software giving reliable recording and uploading to central computer from multiple weather stations by both radio and landline links and 4G links.

Custom Weather display and recording systems for airfields.

Custom AIS based Passenger and POB (Persons On Board) reporting and logging systems.