Product Specification

PC AIS Ship Tracker for Windows is a versatile but easy to use and reasonably priced software program for tracking ships and boats of all sizes which are fitted with AIS (Automatic Identification System) transponders, now required on all sizeable vessels.. (See also our PC Seamaster and PC Chartplanner AIS enabled electronic chart programs and our Secure Network AIS Ship Tracker for usage with multiple AIS receivers and users).

PC AIS Ship Tracker for Windows tracks and gives details of all AIS equipped vessels within range (typically up to 35 nautical miles for 30 metre antenna (aerial) height) and can be used in either a fixed location (e.g, for Harbour or Port Authority use) or in mobile mode onboard a Ship or Boat. Either mode is selectable from the easy to use menus.

PC AIS Ship Tracker for Windows includes:

  • Real-time output of vessel positions and details on a radar style display with selectable range from 0.5 to 96 nautical miles.
  • Coastal outline background included for a radar style display, with a world-wide coastal database included in the software so that the background is automatically displayed.
  • The ability to log AIS data and to play back data for any chosen period.
  • The graphic display of vessel vectors (for all or just a selected vessel).
  • Display of vessel Names (for all or just a selected vessel).
  • The ability to select and view vessel details in graphic and table forms.
  • Select any vessel in any display mode, to display the details for that vessel.
  • Select any vessel as "own" vessel to get a "bridge eye view".
  • Display of received AIS safety broadcast messages.
  • Guard ring, with variable range setting, which will trigger alert when a new target appears inside that range.
  • The ability to handle large numbers of targets at once; tested with 500+ targets!
  • Text and graphic display of multiple vessel details: MMSI Number, IMO Number, Name, Callsign, Position, Range and Bearing, Navigational status. Etc..
  • Real time output of data from AIS AtoNs( Aids to Navigation, such as AIS equipped buoys), showing Weather data etc.
  • Real time output of data from AIS Equipped SAR (Search and Rescue) Aircraft.
  • Real time output of data from personal and shipborne AIS SARTs (Search and Rescue Transponders).
  • Real time output of data from both Class A and Class B AIS equipped vessels.
  • Interfaces to all standard AIS receivers (including our SLR200 AIS receiver) and AIS transponders.
  • Displays any error messages generated by a transponder, when connected to a transponder.
  • In mobile mode, updates own vessel's position using either standard GPS sentences from the AIS receiver or AIS own ship position sentences from a class A or a class B AIS transponder .
  • Our Pilot plug cable is available if required , for interfacing to class "A" AIS transponders via the ship's pilot plug.

We offer customisation to your exact requirements, including more detailed coastal backgrounds, display of buoyage etc, electronic chart as background etc.



Minimum System Requirements

PC with 200 Mhz Pentium processor, Windows 2000/XP/Vista /Windows 7 (both 32 bit and 64 bit versions) and Windows 8  or Windows 10 , 800*600 colour VGA screen, keyboard and pointing device (mouse or trackball).

AIS Hardware
If you do not have a AIS receiver or transponder then we can supply a complete package, including Software, AIS receiver/transponder and Aerial (antenna) if required, for a complete one stop system. We can also offer expert advice on Aerial (antenna) selection and installation.