Product Specification
Dolphin ENC Shore Navigator for Windows is a professional and sophisticated but easy to use Navigational electronic charting program using ENC vector charts, such as the well renowned British Admiralty AVCS Electronic Charts or standard S-57 Charts.

ENC Shore Navigator is intended for harbour or office based use, for planning and monitoring. All files produced are compatible with our ENC Navigator product, designed for use onboard vessels. A full set of Electronic tools is provided to enable easy planning and monitoring of voyages. When interfaced to a AIS (Automatic Identification System) receiver, ENC Shore Navigator will display all AIS targets received. ENC Shore Navigator will also display Radar ARPA targets.


Program functions available include:

· Creation of multiple Voyage (Route) plan files, with comments.
· Voyage plans can be created and edited using a text based dialog or by simply dragging and dropping Waypoints on the Chart.
· Each voyage file contains the Waypoints for the voyage and the course between Waypoints can be set to be Rhumb Line, Great Circle or Composite Great Circle sailing.
· Voyage plans can be easily viewed, edited or added to.
· The calculated voyage display shows the course(s) and distances between each pair of Waypoints and the ETA at each Waypoint for an entered speed.
· The calculated voyage plan can be printed  or output to a text file.
· The displayed Chart can be printed or saved to bitmap file.

· Display of all AIS vessel icons and prediction Vectors.
· AIS Data Tracks can be saved to file  for later replay and guidance, particularly useful for difficult or poorly marked Ports or for investigation.

· Can be connected to one of our low cost AIS receivers or to a  Class A  or Class B AIS transponder via one of the connections provided on the unit or by the unit's Pilot plug ( optional cables available).
· Target selection and display of  all details for the selected target.
· Display of list of all AIS  Targets on screen.

· When interfaced to a suitable ARPA Radar, ENC Navigator will display ARPA Radar targets.

· Electronic Dividers
· Range Rings
· Overlays manager.
· Multiple overlay plotting positions and comments can be stored and retrieved to and from file.
· 50 pre-defined overlay icons and 50 user-definable icons.
· Zoom in and Out
· Daytime, Dusk and Night Time colours and much more.

· Multiple overlays can be made  for surveying and Chart customisation etc.
· Wide range of symbols available.
· Draw and add your own Symbols to the library (utility included).
· Instant dropping of overlay symbol at own ship position.
· Create Chart overlay regions to mark "no go" areas, working areas etc.

· Rhumb line sailings.
· Great Circle sailing.
· Composite Great Circle sailing.
· Find Position. (D.R Position).
· Course & Speed made good.
· Course to Steer.

· Store comments for Chart.
· Set own depth safety contour.
· Query all Chart objects.
· Select between base and full data layers, to ease screen clutter as needed.
· Set ENC Chart to Best Scale.


· Memory of all data for tidal predictions.
· Selection of any Time zone by the user, irrespective of the Port's  zone.
· Inbuilt Tidal data for over 600 European Ports.
· You can add your own Ports for anywhere in the World.
· Calculation of Tidal heights at any entered Port for any date from 1900 to 2090.
· Output of Heights in  Metres or Feet.
· Graphic display  of the tidal height curve for 2 days with moving cursor and Draught line.
· Real time graphic display  of the tidal height curve with moving cursor; automatically updated from the computer's clock and calendar.
· Prediction of  High and Low water times and heights for 2-31 days.
· Output of Tidal heights at 6 minute intervals for 2 days.
· Graphic Tidal curves can be printed.
· Text output of Tides can be printed or exported to text file.
· Find nearest Port function & Rapid search function for Port name.

· Receive and display meteorological, wave and tidal data etc from local AIS ATON buoys and beacons.

System Requirements:
PC with Pentium Dual Core 2.0 Ghz or faster processor,  1GB RAM,  10 GB free hard disk space,  mouse and  XGA screen. Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows7 or Windows 8 or Windows 10.

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