Image of a USB pilot plug cable for  Automatic Identification Systems

Product Specification
A lightweight cable (can be carried in a jacket pocket) , to connect to the pilot plug provided on Class A AIS units fitted onboard ships. The cable converts the AIS data output from the pilot plug into the correct protocol for input into the USB port of a standard PC laptop or desktop computer. The cable has a standard pilot plug connector at one end and a standard USB connector at the other end. The cable is powered from the USB port and requires no batteries. The cable provides both isolation and surge protection in order to protect the connected equipment. The supplied software drivers install the cable as a virtual COM port on your PC, for easy use.

The cable can be used with our PC Seamaster for Windows or PC AIS Ship Tracker for Windows software to provide both AIS target data and also own ship's GPS position directly from the ship's AIS unit.

Technical Specification
Standard cable length is 1.2 metres overall. The standard cable can easily be extended by using low cost USB extension cables or we can supply other cable lengths to order. Weight 25 grams. The cable is supplied in a zipped carry pouch and supplied with software drivers for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 on CDROM.

Also available are our Bluetooth wireless AIS Pilot plug unit and our Serial connection AIS Pilot plug cable